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Every piece that comes into J&L studio receives the highest level of care from our experienced craftsmen. We can refinish almost any furniture piece, and enjoy every bit of it. After the J&L treatment, your beloved furniture will be restored to its original beauty and will stand out as an updated and unique work of art.

Antique Restorations:
  • It can be done at many levels depending on the condition of the piece.
  • It varies from minor touch-up to major replacement of parts which is broken or missing.
  • The best for you, we may review the piece before offering any professional opinion.
Restoration of Damaged Furniture:
  • Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Moving Damage
Expert Refinishing:
  • We offer a complete and comprehensive refinishing and repair service.
  • We only do hand-stripping service. It will NOT raise the grain, and will have ABSOLUTELY NO effect on good glue joints or veneer.
  • We are the true "Expert Craftsman", that is why we have been called "Dr. Wood".
  • We work together with designers for the special project.
Veneering and Re-veneering:
  • This is one of our "Specialties", we use "Vacuum Press Technology" which assures a complete and uniform bond.
  • We stock a broad range of veneers , and have samples of others that can be ordered.
  • We always carefully match the closest pattern.
Machine and Hand Woven Canning:
  • We do both machine and hand canning in many patterns.
  • We can match the color as was.
Furniture Production:
  • We do custom design and making for individual needs.